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Welcome To Testy Festy

The Testy Fest is neither about balls or breasts, it’s about having a good time. One might say it’s an odd family reunion, you usually see the same people every year and new people are always welcome. You don’t have to earn your beads, or anything of the sort, but you can always have fun & find something to do. Everyone is always welcoming.

Depending on what time or day you show up at Testy Fest you can see 300 people or up to 3,000 people. The days that attract the most are the event days, on Friday & Saturday. The events that attract the most people are the Wet T-Shirt, the Ball Contest, the Ball Eating Contest, & the Undie 500.
Have Questions?

If you have any questions regarding sponsoring events, vending, or attending the fest, email Matt at itsfuntolaugh88@live.com

Reminder for Testy Fest Employees:
Please remember that all alcohol related workers at Testy Fest must complete TIPS training.

Testy Fest 2017!

August 2nd-6th!

PrimeTime DJ has joined forces with Matt Powers this year for what is known as the craziest, most unpredictable festival in Montana: The Testicle Festival! This Festival has been celebrating here for more then 30 years out at the Rock Creek Lodge in Rock Creek, Monana. It's been featured on cable television shows including The Travel Channel and is widely known as a party that you will never forget or never remember! This year some things are changing...

What you can expect:

*There will be new ways to compete in contests.

*Primetime DJ will be assisting in making the stage, sound, presentation, and production eye popping and jaw dropping.

*New acts, headlining acts, DJs, Bands, and Sideshows. Enough to satisfy everyone from all walks of life.

*Testicle Eating contests, Vendor booths, and enough side Entertainment for everyone.

So many bands, acts, DJs, and Entertainment will be announced over the next 6 weeks. More then 20 bands and DJs will be on display throughout this Testicle Festival. Names will be added on this site by June 1st.

General Admission tickets will be available the week of the event for $20 at the gate. NO PRESALE tickets are being sold. Camping spots will be sold on a first come first serve basis two weeks prior to Aug 3rd.

Inquiries, please contact...

Inquiries, please contact...

If you are interested in playing music at the next Testy Fest or are a band looking to book, please shoot a quick email to Matt at: tapemout2000@yahoo.com for more information. Please label your email with the heading: ATTN:ENTERTAINMENT

If you are inquiring about being a vendor at the Festival please contact Samantha at  itsfuntolaugh88@live.com Please label your email with the heading: ATTENTION Testy Fest

Participate in our contests! Tattoo, Wet T-Shirt, Big Balls, Ball Eating, Undie 500, Miss TestyFest, Itty Bitty Titty, Mr. Fun Buns, Nicest Arms, Wet Undies, & Nice Bike!